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Don’t shop ‘till you drop this Christmas

Protect your back this Christmas

Don’t shop ‘till you drop this Christmas

For some, the Christmas shopping may be well under way by now and for others, it may be a last minute dash. Read my latest blog below on how to look after your back when festive shopping.

Carrying bags

Power in numbers…. Shop with a friend and spread the carrying between you. Carry as little as possible and always spread the load between your arms.

Do not carry all the bags in one hand just so you can shop whilst holding your toffee nut latte from Starbucks - or any other coffee chain :)

Lifting presents in and out of the car

#1 rule…. Avoid twisting when carrying, lifting and even walking!

Face forwards when picking up the shopping and putting it into the car and use your knees!

Act like a robot when lifting to reduce the strain on your spine and discs.

Standing in queues

It is inevitable, you have found the perfect present to buy and then you see the long & winding queue in order to pay for it. Be prepared for this and wear comfortable and supportive shoes.

To reduce the strain - shift your weight between your left and right sides by bending one knee. Also put down the heavy presents when in the queue – but remember the #1 rule above when lifting.

Sitting in traffic

Leaving the shopping centre is often worse than being inside!

Try and relax when in traffic and don’t let the stress levels rise. Keep your shoulders down and take big breaths.

Clench your buttocks when sitting to keep the lower back supported.

Wrapping presents

Wrap the presents as you buy them – do not do them all in one go. This will reduce the demands on you back. Change position when wrapping presents…. You can sit, stand or be on bent knees. The best rule is not to be in the same position for too long. Have a stretch halfway through!

Sale items

Don’t try and squeeze in all the Christmas shopping into one day, spread it out. Yes the there may not be a second chance to grab those discounted sale items. But there definitely won’t be a second chance with your back if you injure it whilst doing so.

Protect yourself this festive season. Book in for your Chiropractic Adjustment. Call 07415 639046 or visit
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