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12 Apr 2020

Keep Safe When Gardening.

At this time of the year, with the nights drawing in earlier – gardeners of all abilities will be aiming to tidy and clean the gardens whilst it is still dry.

Don’t prioritise your plants over your health! Read the tips below to keep safe when c...

3 Feb 2015


Nerves control everything!


Every organ in the body has its own nerve supply. Therefore, when misalignments in the spinal joints trap or pinch these nerves, organ dysfunction can result.


The diagram below shows where each organ gets its nerve supply. The most common ar...

8 Jan 2015


Adam Kay Chiropractor Radlett

Are you sticking to your resolutions?


With the first week of the new year over, it is at this point where a lot of people's resolutions go out the window.

My new year's resolution is to improve my emotional wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing i...

9 Dec 2014

Disc Problems.


This morning, by 12:30pm I had already treated three patients with disc problems in their lower back. Each patient came in with slightly different symptoms ranging from leg/buttock pain to sharp, stabbing lower back pain to pins and needles. The cause wa...

2 Dec 2014


Healthy eating blog – Adam Kay Chiropractor, Radlett.


As the festive season approaches, the shops are stacked with a lot of scrummy foods. You may find yourself indulging in foods that you do not eat at other times of the year.


I am guilty of this myself. It is very...

25 Nov 2014


Stay happy in the winter.



  • Do you or someone you know complain of increasing pain during the winter months?

  • Or do you suddenly have an inkling that it is going to rain or drop in temperature because your joints become more painful?


Have a read below to fin...

18 Nov 2014


Protect your back this Christmas



For some, the Christmas shopping may be well under way by now and for others, it may be a last minute dash. Read my latest blog below on how to look after your back when festive shopping.


Carrying bags


Power in numbers…. Shop with a f...

9 Oct 2014

Top 10 Tips for back pain






1. Regular exercise for your back. Walking, swimming and core stability exercises can strengthen your back and neck muscles. Exercise raises your heart rate and doing just 30 minutes per day improves your heart healt...

8 Oct 2014


Why do I get an upset tummy after taking antibiotics?


Today I was asked by a patient to write a little bit about antibiotics. This lady had recently been to her GP surgery complaining of a chesty cough. She was prescribed a 7 day course of antibiotics. This was her an...

3 Oct 2014

Have a read below to find out all you need to know about keeping your spine well when seeing your Chiropractor.


1. Regular exercise for your back. Walking, swimming and core stability exercises can strengthen your back and neck muscles. Exercise raises your heart rate...

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