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How do the nerves in my spine affect my digestion and IBS?

Adam Kay Chiropractor Radlett

Nerves control everything!

Every organ in the body has its own nerve supply. Therefore, when misalignments in the spinal joints trap or pinch these nerves, organ dysfunction can result.

The diagram below shows where each organ gets its nerve supply. The most common areas I see patients presenting with issues are at T3, T4/5 and L1. These are the nerves to the lungs, stomach and intestines.

Spine nerves organ dysfunction chiropractor

As a lot of my patients already know, I like using analogies to explain how the body works. My analogy for the nerves of the spine is called the Safety Pin Theory.

safety pin cycle1.png
safety pin cycle2.png

If the safety pin is closed, there is an uninterrupted loop, i.e. the brain sends a message to the organ and the organ sends a feedback message to the brain. However if the safety pin is open, the messages to/from the brain are unable to get to their destination and dysfunction results.

Therefore, the organ will not be working at 100% and may cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, acid reflux/indigestion and symptoms of constipation and diarrhoea.

What can cause the safety pin to open?

Interferences with your brain-body connections (stressors) can be physical, chemical or emotional, resulting in spinal misalignments or disconnections.

This by no means suggests that the organ is diseased or requires medication. Simply that the wiring to the organ needs "plugging back in". This is what chiropractic adjustments do - they relieve the pressure on a nerve restoring its function and optimising the patient's health.

If you or someone you know are exhibiting symptoms of organ dysfunction, book an appointment with Adam Kay Chiropractor for a full body and organ assessment. Call 07415639046 or book online at

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